Monday, June 18, 2012

Jimmy Olsen Loves Him Some Jimmy Olsen

I'd like to thank the website Dorkswithoutfaces for their excellent review of Jimmy Olsen comics for pointing something out to me--Jimmy is a narcissist.  I mean, he's completely into himself.  Just look at this panel from "Jimmy Olsen's Forgotten Adventure."  Jimmy is disguised as an elevator operator (something before my time) and gets amnesia, making him think he's someone else.
That first panel probably bugs me the most.  Look at Jimmy's smug face on the poster.  Is he really famous enough to endorse something?  He's only a cub reporter (which is a pretty dumb term), and I guess he's also "Superman's Pal," but do you really want to advertise that?  In several stories, Jimmy gets kidnapped because he's Superman's Pal, which is another issue I have...

Why would crooks want to kidnap someone close to Superman?  It would just piss Superman off, and you do not want the strongest man in the world to be pissed at you.  Also, he's Superman!  He's a hero!  He'll save anyone who's in trouble--it doesn't matter if it's his "Pal" or not!  This is a huge logical flaw.

But back to the comic.  Not only have they gotten Jimmy to advertise the charity for whatever reason, but Amnesia!Jimmy just happens to see it and wish that he were Jimmy Olsen, too.  The guy is so narcissistic that he wants to be himself subconsciously!

There's also the part where he wishes he were Superman's Pal, but I can't blame him.  Every kid wants to hang out with Superman or Batman or something.  But then that brings up the strange aforementioned paradox of "villains want to kidnap you even if that would be a really stupid thing to do."

Jimmy, you're a goldmine of laughs.

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