Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lois Has the Worst Friends Ever

I simply cannot get enough of the Silver Age.  Get used to comics, folks, you're going to be seeing a lot of them.  This next one is from 1959's Lois Lane #9: "The Most Hated Girl in Metropolis!"

While Lois has always had the suspicion that Clark Kent was really Superman, she didn't actively try to expose him that much...except in the Silver Age.  Here, she was all over the guy, trying to tear out his secret. But what would happen if she actually did find out (back then, at least)?  This story plays with the idea, and the results are not pretty, as you can guess from the title.
I love that Jimmy went so far as to get Lois flowers to screw with her.  And why is everyone so surprised at Lois?  She's always doing stuff like this!  The real reason to be pissed off the fact that she succeeded.  On the bright side, it would really help the Planet's circulation.
Holy fudge, Supes is pissed!  I would be too, I guess.  You'd think Lois should have done more than just file it away.  Why not destroy it?  Or at least hide it?  Plus, that whole "I'd die before I'd betray Superman" line is a load of bunk, as a few issues later (in a story that I'll probably recap at some point), she's ready to expose Superman in front of Perry and Jimmy yet again.  Plus, she was totally willing to blackmail Robin a few issues ago.  But never Superman.
I like how Superman is all "Well, duh! Of course you were right!"  As if he's acknowledging how dumb his disguise was.  Also, I noticed that in panel two, Lois apparently stammers in her mind.  I didn't know that was possible.
I know the comic is called Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane, but I don't really view her as a girlfriend.  More like a crazy stalker.  Oh, and a Raggedy Ann doll reminds Lois of Superman for some reason.
Lucy may seem nice, but don't be fooled.  As the Jimmy Olsen comic proves, she's a nasty little thing.

Yep, the whole thing was a charade, a farce, a setup!  Lois got punk'd!
So Lois was never in any real trouble to begin with!  She gets to be on TV at the cost of her own sanity!  All her friends had to do to surprise her was to make her cry and then scar her for life by making her think they all hated her!  That won't leave any lasting impression!  Seriously, guys, there had to have been a better way to do this.

Of course, Superman could have just found the missing man because it's the Right Thing To Do, but then he couldn't manipulate said man.
Yeah, Superman went there.  He used a man with amnesia to cover for himself.  Granted, he does help the man get his memory back, but it was a pretty low trick.  In the comic world, amnesia seems to be either very hard or very easy to shake off.  In one comic, Superman got Lois's memory back by just shaking her and saying his name, but other times, everyone has to play a role in some kind of grand delusion before snapping the person out.

Meanwhile, a terrifying clown offers you candy.

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